Parineeti Chopra gets trolled for the controversial video of man holding her umbrella



Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra recently flew to Dubai to shoot for an upcoming project and she posted a video of her walking across a local beach in a cute black dress.

But one thing which caught everyone’s attention was the man who walked along with Parineeti, holding an umbrella for her and few bags in his hand.

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In no time, people started trolling Parineeti for the video. On of them wrote “Holding your own umbrella wouldn’t make you any less of a star.” Others pointed out that “The umbrella must have been a 100 kilos,”

However, this morning (in fact, few minutes back) Parineeti deleted this post from her Instagram(Guilty much). Not just this, she even wrote a message on her Facebook page as a reply to the trolls.

This isn’t the first time Parineeti has been accused of being insensitive. Last year in August, a birthday message she posted for a friend was criticized because she told her friend to “eat less and become thin” – a comment that was seen as ‘fat-shaming.’ The actress was also accused of being hypocritical because she has spoken out publicly about being body-shamed, first for allegedly not being thin enough and then for allegedly being too thin.