BB 10: After a joyful wedding, newlywed Monalisa’s teary goodbye to hubby Vikrant



In the last episode of Bigg Boss 10, we saw the grand wedding of Monalisa & her longtime boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajput, the duo exchanged the wedding vows in front of the housemates and few close friends of bride & groom.

BB 10: After a joyful wedding, newlywed Monalisa's teary goodbye to hubby Vikrant 3

After spending his first night with Mona Lisa in the secret room of the house, Vikrant will leave the house tonight, leaving his new bride Monalisa alone in the game.

Bigg Boss will call Mona and Vikrant inside the confession room and announce that Vikrant will now have to make an exit from the house as Mona will continue to be in the game.

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Vikrant then bid adieu to everybody inside the house and thanked them for making his wedding special.

Mona will get emotional seeing her husband leave the house. However housemates later tried to cheer her up and the lady was then seen smiling and mixing with her fellow contestants

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