‘I will break Salman Khan’s bones’ says Swami Om



Earlier, we told you that self-proclaimed god-man Swami Om do not let any chance to grab the headlines. After calling the show’s host Salman Khan an ISI agent, an anti-national and allegedly slapping him on the New Year’s eve inside the house, now the self-styled godman has promised to break Salman’s bones.

'I will break Salman Khan’s bones' says Swami Om 3

In an interview with a publication, Swami Om reacted on being invited to the finale of the show which is scheduled for January 28. He said, “Deshdrohiyon ke finale me hum aag lagane aa rahe hai. Salman Khan ki haddiyan todne jaayenge (I am going set fire to the finale of these anti-nationalists. I am going to break Salman Khan’s bones).”

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Swami Om was thrown out of the house when he threw his pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra during the captaincy task. Security guards were called inside the house and then they took Swami Om out of the house.

Salman Khan then warned the makers and channel that if Priyanka Jagga or Swami Om ever come on show, he will never work with them again.

Let’s see how Salman Khan will react upon this.

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