‘My marriage to Vikrant on Bigg Boss was not fake’, says Monalisa



Bhojpuri actress Monalisa recently tied the nuptial knot with her long-time boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajput inside the “Bigg Boss 10″ house. While Mona’s fans were happy for her, there were many who raised eyebrows and called her wedding a publicity stunt.

monalisa 23 Jan

There were also rumours that the actress has been paid a whopping amount of Rs 50 lakh to get married inside the house. In fact, Karan Johar, who came on the show, said he’d sign a film deal with Monalisa, and even that would last longer than the marriage.

Mona, who recently got evicted from the house, is deeply hurt by all the negative and hate comments regarding her marriage and relationship. In an interview, Monalisa cleared the air and revealed that she has not been paid for the wedding. She said:

“It’s painful to see that people still think that our marriage is fake. It isn’t. For any girl, marriage is a big thing. We were planning to get married, but things were just not falling in place,” she says.

monalisa 23 Jan

“It’s sad that people think like that. It’s the best day of my life, why should I take money for that? People making fun (of my marriage) like this is not nice. Vikrant and I were planning to get married anyway. He decided everything in consultation with my parents and I am very happy to have got married on TV, with the whole country witnessing it”, Monalisa added.

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When asked about Johar’s comment, she says, “I don’t know when he said this. I can’t comment unless I watch the episode. But he did congratulate me on my new journey. Salman Khan also said so many nice things to me. I am thankful to Bigg Boss for everything.”

monalisa 23 Jan

Antara aka Monalisa, who’s looking forward to her honeymoon outside India, will now plan her reception, to be held in Mumbai, Kolkata and Uttar Pradesh (Vikrant’s birthplace). She will also visit her family in Kolkata.

Ask her who she thinks may win Bigg Boss 10 and Monalisa adds with a smile, “Given an option I would have chosen myself as the winner. This time you can’t really say who will win the show because all of them are playing so well.”

Next, Monalisa will start completing her pending Bhojpuri films. She is also keen on doing both Bollywood and television. “If the role is satisfactory enough then I am open to every medium. I would also want to do Bengali films. Let’s see what offers I get. I am keeping my fingers crossed,” she says.