Bigg Boss 10: Manveer, Lopa, Manu and Bani get emotional when re-live their journey



After spending more than hundred days inside the house, “Bigg Boss” made the contestants relive their memorable moments once again. The contestants were made to come to the activity area individually.

Manveer breaks down after watching his journey

“Bigg Bos”s calls Manveer Gurjar inside the activity area and shows him his entire journey in a snapshot. One after the other, “Bigg Boss” throws a spotlight on different pictures capturing his highs and lows on the show. Starting from his entry inside the house as a dogged Indiawala, sporting a heavy beard, and a strong personality to maturing into a sensible and patient person, Manveer has come a long way in the show and displayed great passion in every task.

manveer journey

Bigg Boss was all praise for him and said that his patience and honesty made him the pacifier of some of the major fights inside the house. He even maintained his cool with Swami Om. A commoner stole the hearts of millions in just a matter of hundred days.

Manveer was later shown a video where he saw his transformation from a rugged commoner to a celebrity. He even sacrificed his first love – his beard for his friend Manu Punjabi. The only thing which left him a bit surprised was Manu talking behind his back. Bigg Boss told Manveer that it was not only him who cried on meeting his father after eight long years, even his fans were left teary eyed.

Manveer breaks down after watching his journey as Bigg Boss sets all the pictures ablaze and wishes Manveer good luck for the final phase of the game.

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Lopa thanks Bigg Boss after watching her journey

Next, it was Lopamudra Raut’s turn to see what all she gained and lost during her stay in the “Bigg Boss” house. From entering the house sporting a crown along with co-contestant Swami Om to emerging as a strong contestant, Lopa’s journey was full of many exciting moments. She was one contestant who always called spade a spade and never minced words while maintaining a straight forward attitude. Her confidence was seldom taken otherwise by her fellow inmates but that never made her weak or fearful.

lopamudra journey

Lopa’s infamous fights and arguments with co-contestant Bani became an integral part of her journey but she always maintained her stand and gave her a tough competition. “Bigg Boss” also showed her few glimpses of her major fight with ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga and how she handled all her abuses with absolute grace.

After watching her journey, tears of joy start trickling down Lopa’s eyes and she profusely thanks “Bigg Boss” for making every single time inside the house a memorable one.