Reasons Why Commoner Contestant Manveer Gurjar Deserved To Win ‘Bigg Boss 10’



After three months of hardcore battle, the “Bigg Boss 10″ winner has been declared and it is none other than Indiawale contestant, Manveer Gurjar. The desi munda finally won the Colors reality series “Bigg Boss 10″ trophy.

The former Roadie gave tough competition to Manveer and the two were going neck to neck in the finale race. However, at the end Manveer walked away with the trophy.

A common man has won, and we’ve got reasons why he deserved to win.

He played with heart..

Manveer Gurjar in BB10

After winning an intense battle against his opponent Bani, Manveer Gurjar gave an interview in which he says “Since day one, I gave my everything to the show. The first two weeks didn’t go well for me. I even got scolded by Salman sir. But then things smoothened out. I started playing with my heart I was the guy that I am in real life. I would have been eliminated if I played with my brain.”

He was real!

Manveer Gurjar in BB10

Manveer says, “‘I was real and hence quite offensive in the beginning of the show. People will understand on their own that had I been pretentious, I would have had a sophisticated way of speaking since the beginning but I didn’t. The way I talk and behave now I didn’t earlier. In fact, I made some loose comments on Lopa. Like, I told her. ‘If you wear such clothes in our village you will be eaten up by dogs. I shouldn’t have said that but I did because that’s how I used to be earlier. You can’t sustain being fake for long in that house. On Bigg Boss, only genuineness sells.”

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He played without pressure.

Manveer Gurjar in BB10 3

He let other people make mistakes and quietly watched. Manveer says, “I never imagined that I would be able to get more votes than her. I was sure Bani would win. Despite her failure at doing things which others could do easily in the show, she kept getting votes so, then I thought she must be having something in her that we didn’t see. At that point I felt, it will be impossible to defeat her.”

He wasn’t cunning, yet pulled it off on a reality show

Manveer Gurjar in BB10

It wasn’t just the common men factor that worked in the favour of Manveer. But the kind of personality the man himself is in real life was evidently visible in the show and that precisely contributed the maximum to his win. Manveer made sure not to hide things about his past. He clearly stated things about his family background and how he shares a bitter relationship with his father. He didn’t fake himself. Being honest was his best quality. From day one, he didn’t shy away from his ‘desi-ness‘ and instead flaunted it like a gem in his crown.

Manveer didn’t only win “Bigg Boss 10″ and the prize money of Rs 40 lakh, but also memories and tons of respect. Agreed?