When Jackie Shroff falls in LOVE with 13-year-old girl, here is the complete truth!



Jackie Shroff, one of the most stylish actors of Bollywood turns 60 today. In his three-decade-long career, he has played versatile roles and is remembered for his path breaking performances.

Ayesha Dutt jackie shroff

He made his debut with the 1982 Dev Anand potboiler “Swami Dada”, almost no one took notice of this new face given the bevy of stars present in the film. Jackie was just 25 years old, a model turned actor who was trying to find a foothold in the film world. One day, he was noticed by filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who was looking for a rough and tough newcomer to play the protagonist in his next film. Jackie seemed apt for the part, and he went to play the first successful role of his life in the blockbuster film “Hero” (1983).

Today on Jackie Shroff’s 60th birthday we bring his love story with that 13-year-old girl.

Jackie was still a teenager when he happened to meet the gorgeous Ayesha Dutt in Mumbai. Jackie and Ayesha saw each other for the first time when Ayesha was just 13. She was travelling by a bus in her school uniform and what caught Jackie’s attention was her long legs. Ayesha was attracted to Jackie the moment she saw him. When the bus stopped Jackie told her his name and asked hers. Jackie told her that he was going to the record shop and from there on this love story began.

Ayesha who had always led a luxurious life was in awe of Jackie. As Jackie was not earning much at that time they both used to window shop, walk a lot, sit on top of the double decker bus and take a tour of the city every evening.

Ayesha Dutt jackie shroff

The relationship soon turned into love. But their love story was not that easy. Jackie was already in love with a girl when he met Ayesha. When Ayesha professed her love for Jackie, he revealed that there was already a girl in his life, who had gone to the US to complete her course and they were to get married once she came back.

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Ayesha asked Jackie to let her write a letter to his girlfriend in the US that they both could get married to Jackie and live together. Ayesha shared the reason for such unbelievable gesture. She said, “I had no option I could either lose him or I had the option of keeping him with her, and I chose the latter.”

Ayesha Dutt jackie shroff

Jackie and Ayesha were in a firm relationship all throughout their teens and early youth. Although Jackie’s popularity soon surged beyond that of Ayesha’s, he made it a point to always stay rooted to the one true love of his life. Jackie Shroff’s marriage with Ayesha was officiated in 1987 on Ayesha’s 27th birthday, 5th June. The wedding was held in Mumbai as per Gujarati traditions, with only family members and select friends gracing the occasion. The lovebirds were finally in it for the long run, officially.

Ayesha Dutt jackie shroff

The couple had their first child, son Tiger Shroff, in 1990, and a daughter, Krishna Shroff, in 1993. After Ayesha and Jackie Shroff’s marriage, the couple started their own production house, and thereafter have worked together in producing several films.