Ouch! Saumya Tandon injured herself while skiing in Switzerland During Honeymoon!



Newly-wed TV actress Saumya Tandon aka Anita Bhabhi of popular comedy serial ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’  went on a dream honeymoon to Switzerland. The stunning actress is having the time of her life with her husband Devendra Singh.

Saumya Tandon in Switzerland

But the perfect vacation in Switzerland turned into a lurid experience for Saumya.

Well, Saumya and her husband were taking skiing courses in Switzerland. It was a beginner’s course and she was having a lot of fun. But things got awry because of a mix-up in instructions.

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Saumya, who is back in the city, recalls, “My instructor spoke very little English while I understood little German. We managed fine during the initial classes as he demonstrated the basic steps. In fact, I had made good progress and both were happy. However, it was in the baby slope that the instructions were lost in translation. I was doing my first solo run and I heard my instructor shout ‘fast’. So, I skied faster, but turns out, he meant the German ‘fast’, which means ‘nearly done’. He was trying to boost my confidence, but I was already skiing at a fast pace and couldn’t control the speed. While trying to stop the slide, I fell with my knees collapsing inwards. I suffered a grade one tear and had a swollen knee.”

Saumya Tandon in Switzerland

Saumya getting hitched to her childhood boyfriend Saurabh in a very private ceremony. And they are celebrating the day in the beautiful locales of Switzerland.

Even after the wedding, the actor refused to talk to the media or even confirm the news since she didn’t want her personal life to be a topic of discussion. She said, “What I do in my personal life is not for people to know. The minute I open up about my personal life, it will have a snowball effect; the world will demand to know even the minutest details. I can’t let my private matters become a public spectacle.”

This was the first time Saumya made an acknowledgement about her marriage on any social platform. She  has been posting some amazing looking pictures on her personal Instagram account from the place.

 Set well soon Saumya..