Swara Bhaskar’s Deleted Nude Scenes From ‘Anaarkali Of Aarah’ Leaked Online


The trailer of Swara Bhaskar’s ‘Anaarkali of Aarah’ released last week and the actress got rave reviews for her performance.

Swara Bhaskar as anarkali

Now the film hit the headlines for a few sex scenes which got deleted from the movie after the Censor Board asked the makers to chop off, has been leaked online.

Lead Swara Bhaskar and the makers must be having a tough time as the various cuts made in the film are out in the public eye. The scenes are quite bold and keeping in view the guidelines of the CBFC, it is quite obvious why they have been taken off from the film.

Swara Bhaskar's film

The leaked video features three scenes — In the first one Swara Bhaskar being groped by actor Pankaj Tripathi when Swara stops him in an extremely bold way, another one where Swara is seen naked from the back, and a third one which shows Sanjay Mishra molesting Swara on a stage.

Swara Bhaskar's film

All these scenes were cut by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Actors Pankaj and Sanjay play important roles in the film.

Swara Bhaskar's film

Talking about the leaked scenes, debutant director Avinash Das said, “It is sad. I now fear the entire film might be leaked online before the release. If the censor copy of Udta Punjab could be leaked, the threat looms large for my movie as well.”

Swara Bhaskar's film

“I had no clue about this. I got to know only when you told me. Let me see what can be done,” he added.

“There are a lot of people who have their hands on the footage one has for a film. I guess one of the people decided to do this,” Das added.

‘Anaarkali of Aarah’ is the story of a folk singer hailing from Ara district in Bihar. The film is all set to releases on March 24.