Is Arpita Khan upset with brother Salman Khan due to this reason?



Everyone knows that bollywood superstar Salman Khan loves his sister Arpita Khan more than his life and ready to do anything for her happiness. But inspite of this, this lovely sister of Salman has been angry with his brother for some time now.

Is Arpita Khan upset with brother Salman Khan due to this reason? 3

We hear Arpita Khan is miffed with Salman as he could not live up to his promise of launching her husband Aayush Sharma in films. The actor, who got busy with his films, did not get time to focus on Aayush’s impending Bollywood entry.

Apparently Salman first thought of approaching other filmmakers for Aayush, but later decided to launch him with his own production (Salman Khan Films). However, nothing has been materialized yet!

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According to reports of, Aayush is getting a lot of good offers. Three months after the marriage, Aayush got an offer of a lead role from a renowned movie production, but Aayush refused it. After this, Ayush was advised to go on a set of Kabir Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ to learn about acting and filmmaking. After this, he was made a part of Kabir’s film ‘Tubelight’ production team.

Now, Aayush is ready for his debut. And, when Arpita reminds Salman about his promise. But Salman is not yet seen as serious about this.

It is reported that for the last few years, Aayush has received offers of new films, but Aayush wants to start his career with Salman, so he is not signing any project anymore.

That’s why Arpita’s displeasure is rising on brother Salman.