Salman Khan records his debut Marathi song in just 45 minutes!



Salman Khan, who has sung several Bollywood tracks in his films, recorded his first Marathi song Gachi in 45 minutes flat, reports Mid-Day.

Salman Khan records his debut Marathi song in just 45 minutes! 3

The song will be featured in Mahesh Manjrekar’s upcoming film FU – Friendship Unlimited starring Sairat hero Akash Thosar.

Talking to mid-day, composer Vishal Mishra revealed, “Salman’s grasping power is great. I was amazed when he completed recording of the song. Gachi, in 45 minutes flat.” He also revealed that Gachi is a recreated version of old 1956 classic from Chori Chori, Panchi banu Udti Phiru, which is one of the Salman’s all time favourite songs.

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Vishal Mishra also revealed that to make things easier for ‘bhai’, he had recorded the song in his voice first. After listening to the composer’s voice over and over again, it was easier for him to pick up the song. “He had heard the song so many times that he picked it up quickly. His voice had more energy than mine.”

He admits that auto-tuner was used to enhance the song. “I have composed 16 songs for the film and used auto-tuner in each of them. In Salman’s case, we used it to enhance the edge.”

He also revealed that after the song was recorded it was disapproved by film’s director Mahesh Manjrekar, as he felt the Marathi diction at certain places was not upto the mark. “I was happy post dubbing with Salman, but Mahesh ji felt Marathi words sounded wrong and asked me to dub it once more. I approached Salman and he gracefully agreed to re-record the song,” concluded music composer Vishal Mishra.