Salman Khan & Salim Khan To Make Biopic On Helen



Helen was Bollywood’s cabaret queen of the 1960s and 70s, unmatched in her grace, sensuous yet dignified, and never vulgar. Not many know she was a refugee from Burma who grew up in Mumbai in abject poverty and began dancing to support her family.

Salman Khan, Salim Khan, halen

Helen’s journey from being the film industry’s dancing diva to Mrs Salim Khan is worthy of cinematic treatment. And that’s exactly why the Khan family wants Helen’s story to be screened on the screen. 

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Sources close to Salman Khan’s family suggest that the Helen biopic would be produced by Salman himself and scripted by Salim Khan.

The million-dollar question is, who will play Helen?

Coming out of the internal discussion of the Khan family, there has been a stir in the industry, if Helen’s biopic is made, then who will portrayed her character? Karina Kaif with her firangi looks, dancing skills and proximity to the Khan family seems like the perfect fit for now. But this might be a tough search.