Throwback: When Ranveer Singh was thrown out of the set by Raveena Tandon during a shoot?



Bollywood’s heartthrob actor Ranveer Singh has turned 32 today. The actor, who has not made his mark just with his acting prowess, is among the few celebrities whose bizarre and weird antics are loved by many. Today on the occasion of his bithday we are going to tell you a major throwback secrete about the actor.

Ranveer Singh who is also known as Bajirao these day,  was once thrown out of sets a movie’s sets amidst the shooting.

Yes, you heard that right.

Throwback: When Ranveer Singh was thrown out of the set by Raveena Tandon during a shoot? 1

Though this piece of information is pretty old we decided to shareit with you all. The actor was thrown out of a movie’s sets on actress Raveena Tandon’s command and this was revealed by none other than Ranveer himself  when he paid a visit to film critic Rajeev Masand’s show. Titled, the actors table conference, Ranveer was accompanied by Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor and Varun Dhawan.

Here’s what happened-

Ranveer Singh throwback

It was at SNDT college where Akshay and Raveena were shooting for a movie called Keemat. My cousins had come from Canada, this is like early ’90’s when Akshay sir had a purple Lancer and all my cousins wanted to do in Mumbai was meet Akshay Kumar. So my father had to make calls, find a contact, locate the manager for the shooting. Obviously, even I had to meet Akshay Kumar. When we reached there, some song shooting was happening in the rain where Raveena was looking literally ravishing. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I was short and fat, with broken teeth and a mohawk and there’s this rain sequence. Sir (Akshay) had worn this shirt open at his chest and Raveena ji was in white.

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Seeing the ravishing Raveena, Ranveer with a mohawk and wide eyes, could not stop ogling at her. As it turns out, his stare made Raveena uncomfortable and she asked guards to throw him and his friends out of the sets.

ranveer singh with akshay kumar

She obviously was not very comfortable with me looking at her like that, so she asked the security guy to escort me away. For me that was shattering, I was heartbroken because I was told to leave the set, then I feel this hand on my shoulder. I’m almost in tears but I look up and I see this shining aura behind this man (points to Akshay Kumar), he looks at me and says – ‘Hey, I like your haircut,. And I was like ‘Yeaaaaa’. He obviously saw that I was heartbroken because I was asked to leave and he just came and did that much and I got a picture with him and I was like ‘man, one day I’m going to be like that guy!

Ranveer Singh with Raveena Tandon

Inspired by the Khiladi Kumar, Ranveer is clearly giving a great shape to his career.