Aamir Khan Finally REVEALS The Reason Behind Not Doing Rakesh Sharma’s Biopic, And It’s Heated!

Aamir Khan, who is now working with Vijay Krishna Acharya for his upcoming movie, “Thugs of Hindostan” was rumored to play Rakesh Sharma’s role in his biopic which is to be directed by Siddharth, but the real situation is more twisted than we thought. Recently, a source close to the actor confirmed that Aamir won’t play be a part of the movie, read below to know the reason!
Says a Bollywood insider, “When Siddharth Roy Kapur launched his own production house, one project that he had announced, was based on the life of astronaut Rakesh Sharma and the shooting was to go on the floors only after Thugs Of Hindostan was complete. It was a 2018 release. Aamir was approached to play Rakesh Sharma, in a conversation started with Siddharth way back in 2016, but the star is not doing the film anymore.”
“They were developing the script but Aamir did not like the way it finally shaped up. Everybody knows that his script sense is brilliant so in that form, so if he does not like a script there has to be something wrong with it. And while he’s very fond of Siddharth, Aamir is not someone who will do a film if he’s not 100 per cent convinced of it.

“He discussed this with the creative team and conveyed his decision to them. Siddharth understood Aamir’s reasons as he knows that’s how the Aamir works.”
The source adds, “It is to be noted that whenever asked in his interviews this year, Aamir has always said, that the only film that he is working on is Thugs Of Hindostan and has not signed anything else. And for Aamir that has always been the case – till he is not certain of doing a film based on the script, he will never comment on it. It now remains to be seen who will step into Aamir’s shoes.”
However, a source close to Siddharth Roy Kapur says, “There weren’t any script concerns at all. In fact, Aamir liked the script but he has decided to do something that is a long-term situation where he is going to be working on just one thing, which could become a franchise in the future.”
“He wants to dedicate his life to at least the next decade which will consume him as a producer, director and perhaps even actor and that will take precedence over anything else that he does. Aamir wants to jump into that immediately. Because of that, he is not in the film anymore.”