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Akshay Kumar Condemns Bangalore Molestation Case; advises girls to learn self-defense

The mass-molestation incident on Bengaluru’s streets on new year’s eve has shocked the whole country. Several accounts of women, who were caught amidst thousands of men who groped, grabbed and pawed at anybody and everybody of the opposite sex, have been recorded.

akshay on Bangalore Molestation Case

Bollywood stars took a strong stand against the shocking turn of events and expressed their anguish on social media. Joining the list is superstar Akshay Kumar, who took to his Facebook page, to express grief and disgust over the episode.
Akshay said, “I was getting out of the airport after a short vacation with family, and there was news flashing on the Bangalore Molestation case. The incident makes me feel we are evolving backwards, from humans to animals, rather beasts because even animals are better!”

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Akshay continued saying that a society which does not respect its women should be ashamed of itself. He also condemned those who were justifying the mass-molestation incident.

Finally, Akshay ended the video by advising women to take up martial arts and learning how to defend themselves against all adversities. Akshay Kumar, himself, is father of a four-year-old girl, Nitara.

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