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Ali Asgar says his name dragged in Kapil and Sunil’s fight


Comedian Ali Asgar, who is all set to tickle the funny bones of the audiences with a new show The Drama Company, spoke about the reason why he left The Kapil Sharma Show and said Kapil will always be his friend.

While talking to an entertainment portal, Ali said his name dragged in Kapil and Sunil’s fight. “There are a lot of things which we can’t discuss publicly. All I can say is that Kapil is, was and will always be my friend. Sometimes its nice to remain silent as it is not the right time to talk about certain issues and things might get worse if you talk about it. So I never felt of talking about it.”

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 “I parted ways because I was not happy how my character was progressing or shaping up. I was not getting a proper answer from the team. Before leaving for Australia, I told them not to renew my contract as I am not happy.” he added.

Ali further said when they returned, his contract was on the verge of ending. It was terminating on April 23 and some unfortunate incident happened. He says he took ill once he was back from Australia and was on bed rest for 12 days. He says he informed the team that his contract is over. He says that if he just left without informing the channel would not have spared him. Ali maintains he had a proper reason but the matter was blown out of proportion and gossip spread around like wild fire.

Talking about Kapil, Ali said, “I have never been part of any controversy. Kapil is my colleague. We worked together for four years. I have learnt from him. I cannot think badly about him or anyone. I am fond of him.” He says he did not comment then as it would fuel gossip and thought it would be wiser to stay mum. He said he has his reasons to be quiet.

When asked if he spoke to Kapil after the latter fainted on the sets, Ali stated, “Yes, I messaged him saying Get well soon and he replied to it. I could not go and meet him as I was busy with the rehearsals of The Drama Company.”




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