Amit Tandon and wife Ruby put divorce on hold, to give their marriage a second chance?


Television actor Amit Tandon’s wife Ruby who was kept behind the bars in Dubai for 10 months for threatening some government officials. Amit was with Ruby during her tough times and supported her. He had tried his best to get her out of the jail. 

Amit Tandon and wife Ruby put divorce on hold

Finally, a few months ago, Ruby was out of the jail. Also, it has to be recalled that Amit and Ruby had filed for a divorce. But looks like the couple has decided to give their marriage a second chance.

Explaining the change in heart, a source close to Ruby and Amit had shared to SpotboyE, “Ruby is a changed person. In jail, she realised that what Amit did for her, nobody came even close to doing that. Amit made frequent trips to Dubai and left no stone unturned in making efforts that Ruby should be let out as soon as possible.”

Amit Tandon and wife Ruby put divorce on hold

The source further added, “Ruby and Amit both have developed a respect for each other, which may translate into a patch-up. It is not sure though if both would indeed get into starting their relationship all over again, but it certainly cannot be ruled out at this point of time. Moreover, Ruby also realised that she had got a bit carried away in the world of television and movies. This ordeal also made her eyes open to who are her true friends and who are not. She was shocked to see that many she considered close, were quite fake.” 

When probed if Amit and Ruby are staying together, the source revealed, “Nope, they are not staying together. But they meet up more often now, for Jiyana and even otherwise. And, there is a possibility that they might withdraw their divorce plea.” And has Ruby started her practice, once again? The source answered, “No, she is not going to the Santacruz clinic as before. As of now, the plan is to set up something new of own.”

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Amit and Ruby had tied the knot in 2009 and have a daughter Jiyana.