Arjun Kapoor and Anil Kapoor starrer ‘Mubarakan’ review is here!

Complete review of ‘Mubarakan’

Star Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Athiya Shetty, Neha Sharma

Director: Anees Bazme

Music Director:  Amaal Mallik, Gourov-Roshin, Rishi Rich

Rating: 3/5*

The CBFC has cleared Anees Bazmee’s ‘Mubarakan’ with a ‘U/A’ certificate and no cuts. Says a source from the CBFC, “We saw no reason to delete a single shot or cut a single word. Director Aneez Bazmee shows how to be funny without being vulgar.”

Mubarakan review

Story of the movie:

Charan and Karan are twins separated as infants after their parents die in a car accident. Their uncle Kartar Singh sends Karan to his sister residing in London and Charan to his brother residing in Chandigarh. As a result, the twins grow up as cousins.

Charan and Karan’s parents are looking for brides for them while they have girlfriends. Karan and Charan are unable to tell their parents that they already have girlfriends (Ileana D’Cruz as Sweety and Neha Sharma as Nafisa). When a meet-the-bride’s parents goes terribly wrong. Soon, Kartar Singh is coming up with nonsensical ideas to resolve the ensuing chaos only for them to repeatedly backfire.

Script Analysis:

The story is funny and the film has some really hilarious dialogues. However, sardar jokes are a bit clichéd and Bollywood needs to get over it. The film is an insane laugh riot that brings back the successful family entertainer genre that director Anees Bazmee is famous for. This time the canvas is larger than ever before and so is the star cast.


The film’s direction is very good. Also cinematography, camera work and backdrop are amazing. Movie locations worth to watch. There are several LOL moments which will make you laugh till your stomach aches. Anees Bazmee is at the top of his game and the humour is clean and entertaining without any double meaning jokes. However the film tends to stretch a little in the climax which could be avoided.

Mubarakan team song

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Star Cast Performance:

Anil Kapoor is playing a bumbling Sikh who’s caught up in his own mess, is quite a reason to enjoy the film. Anil Kapoor, who is as irrepressible as ever, lends some lustre to the proceedings with his impressive energy levels and funny one-liners.

Arjun Kapoor does a good job in the double roles of Karanveer Singh and Charanveer Singh. He is perfectly cast in the role that requires a lot of finesse.

Ileana D’cruz is coming into her own in comedy films and while Mubarakan gives her a solid platform, she doesn’t let her fans down. As Sweety, the hot-headed Sardarni, D’Cruz looks like a million bucks too.

Athiya Shetty’s Binkle is hardly there in the first half of the film and when she does get a chance in the latter half, she too walks into your hearts with ease.

Neha Sharma, in a special appearance, is allowed little that could be described as special in a role that definitely deserved more attention.

Ratna and Pavan add weightage with their stellar acts, though Pavan should have kept it down in the dramatic portions, where he is much too loud.

Music Direction:

The music is good overall.  Songs are already hits, but songs can be edited in screenplay. Also the track Hawa Hawa looks really good on the big screen.  Background score takes you along with the story.

What’s Good:

Mubarakan is designed as a family film where comedy is generated through quarrelling relatives. Mubarakan does take a bit to set the laughter ball rolling, but once it starts there’s no stopping it.

What’s Bad:

The movie might have worked if it had been a non-stop comedy from start to finish, but Bazmee makes the mistake of trying to introduce sentimental scenes about family ties and estranged siblings. Anil Kapoor’s energy is almost infectious, but it doesn’t spread far enough.

Watch Or Not: 

Family entertainment is clearly at the core and ‘Mubarakan’ manages to deliver enough laughs.

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