Bani and Manu don’t deserve to be “Bigg Boss” winners, says Rohan Mehra

TV actor Rohan Mehra, who got evicted from “Bigg Boss” on Tuesday, feels his co-contestants Bani and Manu Punjabi do not deserve to be the winners of the popular reality show.

Most controversial reality show hosted by superstar Salman Khan is one days away from the grand finale.

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When asked about who he wants to win it, Rohan told PTI, “Manveer Gurjar and Lopamudra Raut definitely deserve to be on the show. I don’t think Manu and Bani are deserving enough to be winners. There were quite a few contestants who were deserving to be in the finale.”

“Bani may be very popular with a huge fan following, and most of the celebrities know her, but she is extremely selfish and in fact, she is the least liked contestant in the show. Even if you are friends with her, she makes things very difficult with her endless taunts. It is very difficult to stay with her in the house. She has not contributed much, she has not done the tasks well and she has never taken a stand. I don’t understand how she has this kind of fan following and there are also these rumours floating that she will win,” said Rohan.

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The “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” star feels that the show has been biased towards certain people. “The show is biased. If people are watching it and liking certain things (referring to fights and drama) it means the makers will show it again and again as its entertaining for the audience. “The most disgusting part of the show was presence of Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om. We can’t stoop down to their level. It was tough for all of us to stay in the same house with them,” he added.

Rohan is upset over his elimination from the show at this time when the finale is so close. “It feels sad that I got evicted at this point. But the format of the show is such that one person does get evicted so its ok. “I did not anticipate I would reach this far. I am glad I got to stay so long in the house. No planning and strategy works in ‘Bigg Boss’.”

Rohan said his family and friends are happy with way he conducted himself on the show. “The kids in my family and staying around me thought I should have been the winner. My friends and family were happy to see me in ‘Bigg Boss’,” he said.

It was felt by some that his friendship with Lopa affected Rohan’s game. However, Rohan disagrees with this observation. “I wasn’t playing any game, I was being what I am.  Lopa helped me a lot, she always stood by me, she cooked for me for over 100 days, I will always be there for her. Earlier, I was close to Karan, Gaurav and Rahul and when they left Lopa became my good friend. I wasn’t her ‘puppy dog’ as Bani once said. I don’t know how they finally present the show — it may not be scripted but it is well edited.”

So will Rohan continue to stay friends with Lopa?  “Yes, obviously. Our friendship was not just for the cameras. We have actually become good friends and I’m looking forward to meeting her after the show ends in the next few days,” he said.

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