BB10: OMG! Jason Shah Will Not Re-Enter The House After Making The Emergency Exit?


As earlier it was said that, Bigg Boss 10 contestant Jason Shah had to make an emergency exit due to his bad health. Jason Shah has been eating the food that was not suitable for him due to which he has fallen ill.


When his health went serious, Bigg Boss immediately called doctors in the house for his treatment but Jason refused to take any medication inside the house.

So, the makers of the show decided to get his treatment outside the house. He was immediately taken to the hospital for the check-up.

Also, as we saw in the last episode, Jason Shah complained to Bani that he is quite unwell and feeling restless in the house. During his that conversation, Jason said something very shocking to Bani that hints that he might not enter the house again.

Before making an exit, Jason told Bani that he will not return back in the house if once he leaves the show in the middle.

Well, it looks like Jason had already taken the call of leaving the show in the middle but the question is, will the makers of the show allow Jason to take the decision of not entering in Bigg Boss 10 house again?