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Best Stock Brokers in India 2022

Motilal Oswal


With over 20+ years of experience in trading and investment, spread over 500+ cities and comprising 2,200+ Business Locations, it is one of the most reputable stock brokers in India. From sub-brokers to the pioneering entrepreneurs of a business in the financial services, Mr Motilal Oswal and Mr Ramdeo Agrawal are the two big names in the Indian stock market who have focused on providing high-quality research based stock recommendations to the clients and today they are big players in the stock market and are one of the largest stock-broking firms in this industry.

They just not stuck into the broking business but also entered many new avenues eventually such as private equity, investment banking, mutual funds, portfolio management service, wealth management and all of that a typical financial service company would provide.

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is a subsidiary firm of Motilal Oswal Financial Service Limited. Today, this diversified financial service firm holds diversity in the clients too as they have retail customers, foreign institutional investors, High Net Worth Individuals, financial institutions and small and large corporates.

  • Delivery charges: 0.50% on transaction value
  • Intraday Charges: 0.05% on on transaction value (Both side)
  • Account opening charge: Rs 0
  • Annual Maintenance Charge: Rs 400 (From 2nd Year onlwards)

Services: Equity, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency, IPOs, Mutual Funds

Trading Platform: Motilal Oswal Trade, Desktop trading platform, web trading platform, Mobile App


Pros of Motilal Oswal:

  • Award-winning research services,
  • Wide investment choices,
  • Personal advisor/advisory,
  • Multiple brokerage plans depending on requirements

Cons of Motilal Oswal:

  • High brokerage compared to discount brokers,
  • Doesn’t offer a 3-in-1 account,
  • Additional hidden charges

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