Bharti Singh suffers asthma attack in Khatron Ke Khiladi 9

The craze of popular reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 has been increasing with each passing day among the audience.

Bharti Singh suffers asthma attack

In the latest episode of the show, host Rohit Shetty tells the contestants that the show will now become unpredictable. He adds that they will introduce more twists and turns in the upcoming stunts. Rohit tells everyone that two new wild card entries will be a part of the show. Aditya Narayan and Aly Goni make a ‘dhamakedar’ entry.

Rohit explains the upcoming task to the contestants and tells them that they will have to perform it in groups. Rohit chooses Bharti and Shamita as the captains. He tasks them to choose their teammates. Bharti wins the toss and selects Punit, Riddhima and Aly. Shamita picks Aditya, Vikas and Jasmin.

Bharti Singh suffers asthma attack

Rohit warns them that the team which will lose the stunt, will directly get eliminated from the show. Bharti sends Punit and Aly while Shamita sends Adi and Jasmin to perform the task. Punit and Aditya perform the task exceedingly well. Next is Jasmin and Aly’s turn. The former gets injured and sprains her neck. Rohit announces that Bharti’s team has won 20 points and Shamita’s has lost the round.

Rohit then explains to the contestants the next task, wherein they will be handcuffed and put in an airbag. Since Riddhima has got the advantage, Rohit tells them she will get to choose the opposite team players. Bharti chooses Vikas against Riddhima, who wins. Rohit then sends Bharti and Shamita to perform the task. Bharti panics and aborts the task. She gets an asthma attack.

Rohit announces that Shamita’s team has earned 10 points and Bharti’s 20. Rohit explains the next task to the contestants. Riddhima and Shamita, Punit and Jasmin have a face-off. Punit performs the task exceedingly well and wins 10 points. Later, Riddhima and Shamita perform the task. Riddhima wins the task and Rohit gifts her glares. Bharti’s team gets 40 points while Shamita’s team gets 10. 

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Rohit explains the final group task to the contestants. Rohit chooses Aditya and Aly to perform the task. Rohit tells Bharti and Shamita to choose 2 more players from their team. Bharti takes her name while Shamita says she is injured and cannot perform the task. Shamita and Jasmin get into an argument. Jasmin, despite being injured, volunteers herself for the task. Bharti and Jasmin start performing the task. Jasmin aborts the task and starts crying.

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