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Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series office sealed after an employee tests postive for COVID-19

T-Series building in Mumbai has been sealed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) after one caretaker tested positive for COVID-19.

Bhushan Kumar's T-Series office sealed

According to a T-Series spokesperson, there were caretakers who would work and stay at the office premises in Andheri, which is now sealed to contain the spread of Coronavirus. “Some of them are migrants who couldn’t go back. There are rooms, kitchen and all facilities for them at the office building. But one of them got tested positive for COVID-19. There are two-three people who are also getting tested, but their reports are pending. For safety reasons, the BMC has sealed the office. It was anyway shut for employees since March 15,” a spokesperson from T-Series told PTI.

Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series office sealed

“Yes we also came to know about this and immediately we took the action. T-Series has followed the lockdown from day one as law-abiding citizens. There are some in-house security staff and helper who permanently stays in the office and due to the immediate lockdown they couldn’t travel to their hometown so they continued saying in the office premise. Unfortunately three of them developed some symptoms and were taken for the test. We as an organisation will definitely take care of them and take further necessary precautions,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, reacting on the same, T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar said their office is not sealed but the officials have singled out the building to let others know that an infected person was found there.

While talking to, he said, “It’s not sealed. They have just made it into a zone to let others know that the patients were there. It is not like an official seal kind of a thing.” He revealed that two people who developed symptoms used to live there and were going out to buy the essentials. “Security personnel and caretaker were there. They have been going out to take vegetables from the adjacent market. Because of the lockdown, no one was allowed to travel back to their hometowns. They were staying at the building,” said Kumar.

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Clarifying that there’s only one COVID-19 positive case, he said, “there’s one positive case and it’s a matter of concern.” Reiterating that their office is not sealed, Kumar added, “They can’t seal the office if only one person is there (found positive). They have just put it out that there was a COVID-19 patient staying at this building.”

When asked if the entire sanitisation process being followed, Kumar said, “the sanitisation has happened once. Now, we’ll be doing it at a private level also.”



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