Bigg Boss 10: Best Buddies Manu And Manveer get into a ugly fight for captaincy!

“Bigg Boss” Season 10 is getting more interesting with every passing episode.

After Rohan Mehra’s captaincy was taken away by Bigg Boss for not handling his duties properly, the best buddies Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar get into bitter fight for the position of a captain.

 Manu And Manveer

Manu and Manveer who entered the “Bigg Boss 10″ house as commoners have become very good friends on the show. The two have stood and fought for each other at every level. In fact, many tried to break their bond in the house, but have been unsuccessful.

On Wednesday’s episode, we see  Manu and Manveer have an ugly fight, even Priyanka is not happy with Manu!  The arguments and disagreements stoop to a new level as “best friends” Manu and Manveer also get into a heated debate.

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One task involves the contestants being given test tubes filled with liquid and labelled with their names. Whenever a buzzer goes off, one of the test tubes should be emptied and whoever has the test tube with his/her name filled till the end of the task wins the task.

Manu and Manveer argue over emptying the test tube that the former has. While Manveer tries to convince Manu to empty it, Manu refuses to agree. Later, Priyanka is also heard telling Manu, “Laanat hai teri dosti par!”

However, it will be interesting to watch whether best buds Manu and Manveer will put their friendship aside in a bid to win the task for captaincy.

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