Bigg Boss 11: 4 Padosis will finally introduce to the housemates!

The most controversial TV series that is Bigg Boss 11 is definitely off to a good start. This time, the theme of the latest season of Bigg Boss is ‘Padosi’.

Earlier, Bigg Boss has had themes like ‘Aeroplane’ (Bigg Boss 8) and ‘Heaven and Hell’ (Bigg Boss 7) where contestants were divided into groups and made to live in a certain set-up. With the latest season, perhaps the contestants will live as neighbours and be made to perform tasks.

4 contestants Mehjabi, Lucinda, Luv Tyagi and Sabyasachi were locked inside the separate house of the show as ‘padosis’. Now after one week, the makers will finally introduce the 4 padosi contestants to the housemates of the main house.

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In tonight’s episode 4 ‘padosi’ contestant will be entered in the Bigg Boss house.

In the meantime, the ‘gharwaale’ were asked to gather in the living area and were introduced to the ‘padosi’ who are familiar to the audience but yet masked for the housemates of the main house.

Now, it will surely going to create a new angle in the Bigg Boss house.

Watch the video here:

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