Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan’s father enters house and the atmosphere was more funny than emotional!


Like the previous seasons, this year too, the BB 11 makers are set to get audience and the housemates emotional by inviting their family members inside the house.

As a part of luxury budget task this week, the housemates will be asked to freeze and release at regular intervals and the task’s name is ‘Statue’. At Bigg Boss’ command, the contestants have to be ‘statue’ until Bigg Boss asks them to release.

Earlier, we told you that Priyank Sharma‘s ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal, Shilpa Shinde,  Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta’s mother will visit the Bigg Boss house and the housemates got bit emotional.

But when Arshi’s father entered in the house, the atmosphere was more funny than emotional.

In the video, we see Arshi’s father going to each one of the contestants who are turned into a statue, and says funny things to them. He told Hina Khan that she talks too fast, while to Luve Tyagi, he said that his luck has been favouring a lot.

Not only this, he also told Arshi to change her hairstyle now, may be tie her hair in a pony which will give her an all new look. He also tells her to speak more respectfully to show’s host Salman Khan. We have seen Arshi address the Bollywood star as only “Salman”.

Check out the video here: