Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma MAKES Two-Faced Statements About His Ex-Girlfriend Divya!


Priyank, who is one of the most controversial part of Bigg Boss 11, now speaks about his ex girlfriend Divya, and it is bitter. For the uninitiated Divya and Priyank met on Splitsvilla and developed connection. They soon became a hot couple. But things changed after Priyank entered the Bigg Boss 11 house. His closeness with inmate Benafsha Soonawalla and not accepting his relationship with Divya led to their breakup.

At the beginning, Priyank was seen being lectured by Divya over his performance in the house. “You have lost your mind completely. You should start listening to Vikas. He is your only true friend in the house. You have ruined everything. Everyone has started calling us fake. I don’t know about you but at least it wasn’t fake from my side,” Divya said.

After Divya leaves, Hina Khan questions Priyank as to who Divya really is. To this, Vikas added, “He does this drama in every reality show.”

Speaking to Hina, Priyank said, “I had a few (Bigg Boss) interviews before coming to on this show. I was dating Divya.” To which Hina said, “But you yesterday only told me that it was fake and it was for the show.” Priyank then said, “No, we broke up then and there. Before I came on this show we had an argument so we decided that we’re breaking up. It got over.”
Poor Divya!