Bigg Boss 11: Two Controversial Ex-Contestants Are Going To Enter The House!!!


Bigg Boss 11 is bringing more drama every passing day, and you never know what is going to happen. The show is a bag of fights, controversies and scandals, and the viewers could never enjoy more.

Recently, the contestants went through the biggest elimination round, and one of your favorite contestants, Dhinchak Pooja got eliminated. The complete elimination process was different, and of course unexpected. Whether talking about the men who got their body waxed during the task, or the contestants who got tagged as Aswachh!

After thinking, the decision was made that rap queen Dhinchak Pooja was eliminated, which means you don’t have to suffer with her music!

But, this isn’t the end as now the show is going to bring two controversial and notorious contestants, and the first out of them is:

Dolly Bindra, Yes you heard it right! She was one of the most controversial contestant from season 4, but you won’t believe that she is regarded as the most controversial female contestants in the history of the show!

And if you have watched the season 4, then you must know the infamously famous phrase, ‘Baap pe jana nahi’ which was spoken by this great lady during a fight with Manoj Tiwari!

The second contestant who is going to enter the sets of Bigg Boss 11 is no less than Dolly Bindra, yes he is the great, ‘Imam Siddique’ !

Imam was a part of season 6, and regarded as the most notorious contestant in the history of the show, and there are many reasons why!

P.S. his dressing style speaks it all!

Let’s see what these two are planning to do after entering the show!