8 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries of India Nobody has answer to


Everything in this universe is a mystery, from what came first – egg or chicken, to why do we cry in times of extreme happiness. While most of the things can be credited to the tunes of nature but certain things are simply a mystery to all the humans. Here we are today with 8 such biggest and unsolved mysteries of India that have given sleepless nights to anyone who has tried to dig deeper into them.

1. Twin town

Boasting of as many as 350 pairs of twins, this village of Kodinhi in Kerala has left the doctors scratching their heads who have failed to solve this mysterious case of so many twin births.

2. Cursed village of Kuldhara

This village in Rajasthan was once home to about 1500 people who, one night, suddenly deserted the place. The reasons for this mass evacuation are varied but what makes this case weird is that this village has never been inhabited since last 500 years after that night. It is said whoever has tried to live there has died a brutal death. Paranormal investigators have tried to uncover the reasons behind this but failed and instead realized some strange events in this deserted village.

3. The man who lives off air

Prahlad Jani is another of those mysteries of India that has startled all and sundry. Claiming to be living without food or water since last 70 years, this man credits his superpower to his devotion towards deity Amba.

4. Death of Subhash Chandra Bose

As per the sources, Subhash Chandra Bose died in a fatal plane crash in 1945 but his death remains a mystery. It is said his identity was kept a secret and the plane crash was just to misguide the public while he was alive and moved to a secret location. In fact, an Indian man in Faizabad claimed to be Bose and breathed his last in the year 1985.

5. Yeti

With occasional sightings of Yeti in the Himalaya by some, this creature is a mystery to many. While some debate that it has nursed them back to life, there are others who found it dangerous. Its existence continues to raise curiosity in many.

6. The Jodhpur sonic boom

December 18, 2012 has etched a mysterious mark in the history of Jodhpur when a sudden, deafening sonic boom jolted everyone in the city. Various parts of the world kept hearing such sounds following that date but nobody has a clue to the origin of this strange and unexplained event.

7. Mystery surrounding Taj Mahal

One of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal has been shrouded in mysteries since eons. P.K Oak stated in his book that Taj Mahal wasn’t constructed by Shah Jahan and isn’t a memoir of love but was forcefully taken from the king of Jaipur. It was initially known as Tejo Mahalaya. There are also stories revolving around the death of construction workers but they all remain to be proven.

8. The reincarnation of Shanti Devi

The only authentic proof of reincarnation in the history of mankind that has left everyone wondering is that of Shanti Devi. Born in 1930’s in Delhi, Shanti Devi started talking strange things about her past life and insisted that her parents were not her actual ones. She claimed to have been born in a different city and that she died during childbirth. On investigating further, it was found that there was truth in whatever she had been telling. In addition, she also remembered her meeting with Lord Krishna during her transition from one life to another. Nobody has been able to find anything to prove her fake.