BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: Crazy Things Fans Have Done For Shah Rukh Khan- The King Of Bollywood!


Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular and richest actor in the world. From crap to crown, this man has traveled a long journey towards success, but at the end, everything was worth it. Shah Rukh Khan not only rules Indian hearts,  but has a large fan following all around the world. Being a superstar doesn’t only means to earn money, but to gain love, respect and admiration, and King Khan has won it already! Even though his fan following is genuine and dedicated to him, but some of his fans have also done some crazy things for him or to meet him. Don’t believe us?

Then read these few cases where fans did insane things for SRK and it gained a lot of media attention 😀

Taking a dip in his swimming pool! 

While promoting his movie, ‘Fan’ which is co-incidentally based on a fan who has crazy obsession with his favorite celebrity, SRK talks about some incidents which he faced in real life. The celeb speaks that out of all incidents, one was too insane to believe on. He explains that one crazy fan broke into his house, Mannat and took a swim in his private swimming pool! As he was trying to leave, SRK’s security asked him the reason to break in, the fan simply replied that he wanted to take a bath in the same water in which Shah Rukh has Bathed in. CRAZY, isn’t it?

Lucknow man turns his complete house into a shrine for King Khan 

Event though you have seen million of die-hard fans of this celebrity, but nobody compares to this man who actually turned his complete house into a Shrine for SRK!!!

Yes, you heard it right! this over-obsessive man is a business man living in Lucknow, whose complete life revolves around King Khan. All the house walls are covered in SRK’s movie posters. Not only his house but he has also covered his car and medical shop with posters!

Not only this, but he also named his kids Simran and Aryan!

We are not finished yet, as this man drove 1300 KMs to Mumbai with his wife to spent their special time by standing outside Mannat for honeymoon! Now, this is a ‘Jabra Fan’ , we must say !

Lady buys land on the moon for Shah Rukh Khan every year! 

Alike every tale, this one is also straight from the horse’s mouth. On SRK’s previous birthdays, he got the same present from an Australian fan, and you won’t believe it! According to King Khan, this Aussie woman gifts a piece of land on the moon for him every year. She has already brought several acres of land for him, and SRK receives a certificate from Lunar Republic Society every year. He has even met her, and they stay in touch through e-mail.

Fan Goals though!

Obsessed fan rushes on the stage in Dubai to hug SRK! 

This incident took place in 2013 when SRK went to Dubai to perform for a special show! The event was also covered by Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit, Yo Yo Honey Singh and many more, but SRK grabbed all his fans attention! But, then a man escaped through the security to hug the actor. The crowd as well as the media raised massive questions regarding the actor’s security, and how the man managed to climb the stage!

Bangladeshi woman spends $3300 USD to meet King Khan!! 

This one of the craziest incidents Shah Rukh ever had! In this incident, a Bangadeshi woman Mehjabeen Erum Alim, spent a whopping of USD $3300,  to head to Malacca just to meet the celebrity. The woman’s dream came true when SRK met him, smiled, posed for few pictures, gave a few autographs and left. This leads us to wonder if spending all this money was worth it?

That’s all for now, and we wish this celebrity lives more, and contributes his skills to the book of Bollywood! 🙂