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Bollywood Actors Who Are Over 40 And Still Unmarried


Our Bollywood Celebrities have largest fan following. Their are many bollywood celebrities who are over 40 years and still unmarried. So here is a list of unmarried actors who had relationships but never got hitched with anyone till now.

1. Salman Khan

salman khan0

Despite being numerous affairs with actresses, 51 years of Salman is still single. When he asked about his marriage, he avoids the question. But his fans are eagerly waiting for his wedding.

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2. Karan Johar

Karan Johar

Director and Producer Karan Johar who is 44 years old is still single. It was reported way back some years ago that Karan johar too had an alleged relationship with Ekta Kapoor. But Karan declined the news of marriage and told that we are only a good friend.




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