7 Times Bollywood Actors Lost Control While Shooting Intimate Scenes


Intimate scenes in Bollywood are often debated upon, not because of the discomfort they cause to the viewers on certain occasions but for the chemistry between the actors involved. Our imaginations tend to fly in all directions when we think of the actors and actresses getting cozy and exploring each other’s body. Questions like how do they manage to control themselves while shooting love scenes, do they not fall in love or develop an infatuation towards each other, how do they manage to maintain their professionalism in real life after getting intimate in reel life, so on and so forth. While the actors usually tend to decline any romantic liaisons with their onscreen actors/actresses and swear by their professional commitments, there have been times when some Bollywood actors lost control while shooting intimate scenes.

Here are 7 such instances when actors just couldn’t control their emotions/hormones and ended up embarrassing their actresses.

1. Vinod Khanna with Madhuri Dixit while shooting for ‘Dayavan’

The handsome and bold actor, Vinod Khanna was infamous for losing control over his emotions during shootings. During one of the scenes of ‘Dayavan’, Vinod was supposed to kiss Madhuri but the former got so engrossed in the act that he bit Madhuri’s lips. The intimate scenes of the movie stirred a hornet’s nest and the dhak dhak girl was accused of her bold act.

2. Vinod Khanna again while shooting for ‘Prem Dharam’

Another instance when Vinod Khanna embarrassed his actress was during the shooting of ‘Prem Dharam’. The actor was at the peak of his career during those days and was working double shifts. An intimate scene between Dimple Kapadia and him was scheduled for the night shift which turned out to be a wild one. Vinod lost control and hugged Dimple tightly and started kissing her like crazy. He didn’t let go of her despite the director Mahesh Bhatt shouting “cut”.

Dimple finally released herself from his grip and was extremely upset with Vinod. She declined to work with the actor but Mahesh Bhatt and Vinod apologized to her and blamed Vinod’s intoxication to be the influencing factor.

3. Prem Nath with Faryal in ‘Gold Medal’

Prem Nath was supposed to perform a scene where he forces himself or teases Faryal but the actor found the latter irresistible and actually started forcing himself upon her. The director and Jitendra present on the set did not bother to help and instead enjoyed the whole drama. Upset Faryal had to struggle to free herself from Prem Nath’s clutches and instantly escaped.

4. Ranjit with Madhuri Dixit in ‘Prem Pratigya’

A rape scene was being shot between Ranjit and Madhuri Dixit when lust took over the former and he started forcing himself on Madhuri. The actress was shocked by the act and had to struggle in order to save herself.

5. Dalip Tahil with Jaya Prada

Dalip Tahil is another of those actors who lost control while shooting. He turned wild during a scene with Jaya Prada but the latter taught him a lesson by slapping him and pointing out the difference between reel and real life.

6. Jacqueline Fernandez and Siddharth Malhotra in ‘A Gentleman’

Though times have changed and actors don’t find it as embarrassing to perform intimate scenes on screen, the crew on the spot does notice everything. A recent case of Siddharth and Jacqueline hugging and kissing each other madly during a shoot made headlines. The duo continued their lip lock despite the director shouting “cut”.

7. Ruslan Mumtaz with Chetna in ‘I Don’t Love You’

A film that not many are aware of earned some fame for its intimate scene where Ruslan and Chetna get cozy and intimate. During this scene, Ruslan admitted to have lost control and unzip the actress’ dress which made her dress drop down instantly. However, he apologized and as they say, all’s well that ends well.