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Bollywood’s Famous Villains Living An Anonymous Life, Says Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover, known as Badman, arrived in Chandigarh on Friday. During this time he talked about the industry’s villain. He said, In the Indian cinema always Gabbar, Mogenbo, Lion’s example are given as villains because this characters are larger then life but with time they are losing their identity. Their return is impossible.Villain’s definition has changed in the last several years.

Gulshan Grover

He said ,today, the so-called iconic baddies of Indian cinema have disappeared. Now, stories have become more realistic. When a subject has an interesting villain, filmmakers ideate on how to make it newsworthy and cast someone unusual for that role.

The characters who used to be entertained previously, have started boring. They started to be associated with personal things. 

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Gulshan is a part of Hindi, Hollywood, South Cinema and now seen to be a part of Punjabi films too. In a conversation, he talked about the mindset of villains and the youth of today.

Gulshan said that in today’s time everyone wants to play gray shades character, In which performance is seen. All the actors wants to play action and romance. In this endeavor, those people search for segregation in the characters.

This thing is just like eating dessert. Diesert can not be eaten in menorrows daily. Just like today’s youngsters do not want to see yourself crying as villain.  They do not want to see themselves smeared in blood or stained with soil.

He said “Till villain’s death will not appear painful or thus pathetic, they will not look like a villain. All my friends who play Badman, their end remains very glorified. It looks like Villain shot himself. I do not see the shadow of villain in anyone”.

Gulshan says nobody’s self respect is left. In the industry, people are started to cast their friends as villains. There was a time when iconic characters were happen. Badman can make the director’s trust. Now there is no such option. Because no one gives a chance. 


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