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BREAKING! Swami Om beaten up again at a public event in New Delhi!

Swami Om, the most controversial contestant of “Bigg Boss 10″ who was infamous for his stint on the show and misbehavior with women in the house, has yet again making headlines.

The dhongi baba was recently thrashed by the public at an event organised in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar area on Friday.

On the occasion of Nathu Ram Godse’s birth anniversary, a programme was conducted in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar area. Like any other guest, Swami Om was also invited for the event.

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As soon as the Big Boss 10 contestant went up the stage to make a quick speech, few people in the crowd grew agitated. The mob was furious that an imposter monk was invited over the birth anniversary of such a great personality. They took it as an insult to Nathu Ram Godse’s name.

Few people from the crowd brought him down and beat up the so-called monk. Anyhow, Swami Om managed to get into his car, but the crowd’s anger wasn’t going to subside at any cost. They surrounded the car, preventing him to escape the site.  Amidst the tussle, heavy damage was caused to the car and even the driver suffered some injuries.

Swami Om was one of the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 10. From spitting, throwing urine and yelling and fighting he have done it all.

He has left no stone unturned to pull down Salman Khan and the makers of the show. Well, in the end he was thrown out of the show.

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