CCD employee who slapped a customer files a sexual harassment complaint against him

Few days ago the video of a CCD employee slapping a customer went viral. The customer had recorded a video where you could clearly see cockroaches breeding in the fridge where they keep all the food items.

CCD lady staff slaps consumer for spotting cockroaches (1)

In the video that was uploaded by Arpan on his twitter account clearly showed that Priyanka Priyadarshini (CCD’s female employee) hurled curses at him and even slapped him.

However, she has now completely scorned the truth and filed a sexual harassment complaint against Arpan Verma.

The complaint has been filed at the Manak Chowk police station in Jaipur, in which she said. “When I told them that only coffee was available as the branch near Hawa Mahal was temporary, they got angry and Verma called me a slut and bitch.”

According to Arpan Verma, and his friend Nikhil Anand Singh, this is CCD’s attempt at flipping the case.

The whole incident went viral again on Twitter and people started calling it a complete misuse of laws. According to them, the CCD employee is misusing the laws that are made for the safety of women. Soon, #BoycottCCD started trending on Twitter and people started bashing CCD with angry tweets.

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The whole situation has become too complicated for someone to understand. But if the allegation of CCD flipping the case is true, it is nothing but a hit way below the belt.

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