Complaint filed against Dolly Bindra for abusing a gym owner

A complaint has been booked against television actress Dolly Bindra for abusing a gym owner in Khar.

Complaint filed against Dolly Bindra

Some reports suggests that, the actress had allegedly created a ruckus in a Khar-based gym, VC Fitness Centre, after she tried to wrongfully extort money from the gym’s owner.

According to the police, on January 31, in the evening, approximately 6pm, Bindra was seen entering VC Fitness Centre at Khar and began asking for the gym owner, Vinod Channa. Since Channa was away on some other work at that time, the management asked Bindra to return bit later.

Bindra, however, refused to back down and started abusing Channa as well as his employees, who requested her to leave the premises. Police said, Bindra started screaming and abusing Channa, claiming she had loaned him money and now that it was time for him to repay, Channa backed away.

Complaint filed against Dolly Bindra

While, the other reports claims that  Dolly’s friend had subscribed to a famous gym in Khar. However, after a few days, her friend decided to cancel the membership and asked the manager to return her money back. But the manager declined to return the money and thus, the friend asked Dolly to help her out. Accordingly, on January 21, Dolly went to the gym and threatened the gym staff members. The staff members even alleged that as the manager was not present, she locked them up in
the gym for a few hours.

Bindra has been booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code for wrongful restraint (section 341), criminal trespass (section 447), printing defamatory matter (section 501), intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace (section 504), criminal intimidation (section 506) and common intention (section 34).” Police have made no arrests in the case and are still investigating the matter.

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Police are still investigating the matter. “We are going to issue a notice to Bindra and ask her to record a statement regarding the matter. The allegations are yet to be proved and the CCTV camera footage of the gym premises is under scrutiny,” police added.

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