Court dismisses sexual harassment case against Ali Zafar by Meesha Shafi

Here’s big sigh of relief for actor Ali Zafar as the sexual harassment case against him made by Pakistani singer Meesha Sahfi have been dismissed by the court.

Court dismisses sexual harassment case against Ali Zafar

The Pakistani singer-actor has now issued a statement on social media to state that Shafi’s case against him has been dismissed. 

Court dismisses sexual harassment case against Ali Zafar

In his post, Zafar wrote: “Meesha Shafi’s case against me has been dismissed alongside the appeal made against the dismissal, the case in the court (now) is my (read: me) against her to pay for the damages that her false statement has (read: have) caused me, which naturally she is trying to run away from. I have also filed a case against all the fake and other accounts being used to run a campaign against me on social media. I have been quiet about all this for a year while thousands of disgusting tweets were posted against me, like a campaign every time a big event comes. But it’s time to expose the truth via due process of law for which I urge the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) to take strict legal action and a prayer to our respected courts to decide the matter at earliest for which I would like everyone to join me in asking Miss Shafi to come to the court. #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi.” (sic)

He also shared the copy of Meesha’s case dismissal on his Twitter. He wrote, “Here’s the copy of Meesha’s case dismissal exonerating me in the eyes of the law. Now I will prove in the eyes of people, with evidence, how she lied! I will also expose the most heinous social media campaign against me that you may ever seen. #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi”.

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In April 2018, Meesha accused the actor of physically harassing her on “more than one occasion”. However, Ali denies the allegations and said that silence is not an option and he will take a legal course to counter Shafi’s charges against him.

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