Divyanka Tripathi REVEALS If She Is Leaving The Show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” Or Not!


Since Divyanka was heard speaking about her death in the show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, the fans presumed that she will be quitting the show. What she said was , “I will be seen dying on the show. It’s a great track, so anything for it.I have cherished every bit of this character every day when I return from the set. Very few characters make a special place in the heart of the fans forever and I think, I am blessed to have IshiMa by my side.”

But soon a source close to Divyanka Tripathi revealed that she is NOT leaving the show. The source explained that ,”These reports are false, Divyanka is not quitting the show, and yes the makers have thought of planning the death of Divyanka though it’s not sure but she is not quitting the show for sure.”

Expounding on the same, the source informed, “Divyanka has faced many one-sided love stories from her fans but there is one that still haunts her.  There was a guy who used to trace her locations, send her gifts as well as gifts to her entire family starting from her siblings to her parents.”

“He would follow her and randomly call her up with compliments saying ‘Divyanka aaj aap bohot acchi lag rahiho pink mein’.  And then one day he called her up and said that he had sent a sari and that their wedding cards have been printed with details of date and venue.”

Divyanka who confirmed and said, “For me it was quite a scary situation and I still get goosebumps thinking about those days.  What made it worse was that not only did he have my whereabouts but also that of my family’s which made it all the more scarier. I changed my phone number as well as block him from all my social media accounts and asked my family to do the same. Luckily it stopped.”

Lets see if this is the end or not!