Do you know Salman Khan donates his bone marrow to save a little girl’s life!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has a big heart is no new thing to anyone. And it’s not just because of the NGO, Being Human, that he runs but also because the actor would leave no opportunity to bring a smile on someone’s face. Be it playing with kids or celebrating festivals with slum-dwellers or painting houses or adopting a family, we’ve seen it all.

He always come forward to lend a helping hand to those who are in need. And the best example is when he donates his bone marrow to save a little girl’s life in 2010.

Yes, the actor donates his bone marrow for a little girl Pooja, who was in need of a bone marrow transplant. And, for this the actor has become the first bone marrow donor in the country.

The act just comes days after the actor had pledged to Marrow Donor Registry, India, to donate his bone marrow if a need may arise.

Not only Salman Khan, but his brother Arbaaz Khan too joined him in the noble task. Confirming the news, Dr. Sunil Parekh who was on the board of MDRI said, “The people suffering from disease and I thank Salman Khan for coming forward and taking up our cause. Four years ago, Salman had read about Pooja, a little girl who was in need of bone marrow transplant. He got his entire football team to come and donate marrow. Unfortunately, they all backed out last minute, and only Salman and Arbaaz landed up donating and became the first donors”.

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Talking about the little help they received from the government, Dr Parekh said, “We made a foolish mistake to depend on the government in 2004. We didn`t get the right help…”

Salman also urged people to donate their bone marrow to save lives. “It’s simple to donate bone marrow. You don’t have to spend money for it. I think everybody should go and donate bone marrow,” said Khan.

Addressing the problems that make bone marrow donation a problem in India, Salman said, “We have only 5000 donors currently. It`s not merely the lack of awareness; it`s our attitude that`s also the problem. And this will make us responsible for patients` lives. Donate marrow and save a life. It`s just like a blood test and doesn`t take time. I know some people are scared of blood tests, too… but it`s time to become a little brave and make a big difference.”

Isn’t it a brave move by the actor? Well, hats off to you Salman.

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