Esha Gupta accuses a Hotelier of raping her with his eyes


Bollywood actress Esha Gupta who is known to speak her mind and often seen taking to social media to share her views on current and trending topics is currently breaking the headlines once again.

Esha Gupta accuses a Hotelier of raping her

Recently, the actress took to her social media account and accuses a hotelier named Rohit Vig of inappropriate behaviour.

The model-turned-actress took to social media and said in a tweet that the man’s behaviour made her feel ‘violated and unsafe’ even with two security personnel around.

Esha Gupta accuses a Hotelier of raping her

On Twitter, Esha wrote :”If a woman like me can feel violated and unsafe in the county, then idk what girls around feel. Even with two securities around I felt getting raped.. #RohitVig you’re a swine.. he deserves to rot,” she tweeted.

In another tweet she mentioned, “Men like Rohit vig, are the reason women don’t feel safe any where. You around me with your eyes and stares was enough,” she went on to tweet further an hour later.

She also posted a picture of Rohit on her Twitter and wrote, “ROHIT VIG- the man who thinks staring at a woman all night n making her uncomfortable is ok. He didnot touch me or say anything. But throughout stare. Not as a fan, not Cus m an actor, but because m a Woman. Where are we safe? Is being a woman a curse!”

When a user tried to troll Esha and accused her of creating a controversy because of her film release, Esha retaliated and said -“You’re a scum.. Women shouldn’t feel safe anywhere. Or you men think you above the law?”

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Meanwhile, Esha Gupta’s recent film ‘One Day: Justice Delivered’ hit theatres this week.