10 Extreme Body Modifications that Humans have Dared to go through


Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have definitely read about the first Indian to have tattooed eyeballs. Now if that raised your brows, the list below will make them bounce. Body modification has crossed all limits and how! Listed below are some examples of extreme body modifications that humans have dared to experiment and flaunt.

1. Subdermal implants

Also known as 3D implant or pocketing, this type of body modification involves placing tiny silicon or Teflon objects under the skin to create impressions on the skin.

2. Stalking Cat

Donning an endless list of body modifications including silicone injections, subdermal implants, hairline modifiation, robotic tail, Dennis Avner, popularly known as Stalking Cat was framed for altering his appearance to imitate a feline look. He died at the age of 54.

3. Lip plates

Mainly worn by the African tribe, women wear lip plates as a sign of maturity. The larger the lip plate, the more attractive she is considered.

4. Tongue splitting

One of the most extreme body modifications, tongue splitting or bifurcation is usually achieved by cutting the tongue centrally from its tip to the underside base. While some do it for spiritual reasons, other do it to increase the sensation while kissing.

5. Scarification

An extremely painful body modification, scarification involves etching or burning the skin to create superficial impressions/designs on the skin. The wound is aggravated further to render it more prominent and permanent.

6. Neck rings

In order to give the illusion of longer and leaner neck, women from the Kayan Lahwi tribe in Myanmar start adding brass coils to their necks from the tender age of five that pushes the collar bone down for a longer neck look.

7. Vampire Woman

With titanium horns implanted into her head, fangs added and eyes altered to ape the look of a vampire who she adored as a child, the 35-year-old Maria Jose Cristerna reinvented herself after suffering domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband.

8. Corset piercing

Considered as one of the most painful type of body modification, corset piercing involves piercing the back multiple times side to side followed by lacing up to imitate the look of a corset.

9. Teeth sharpening

Practiced earlier for spiritual purposes, teeth sharpening is now adopted mainly for decorative purposes. It was done by some in older days to imitate animals.

10. Ear on arm

Australian performance artist, Stelarc thought of taking his art to the next level and after a hectic search of a surgeon for over a decade, he finally had a cell-cultivated ear attached to his forearm surgically. Now he wants a microphone implanted in his forearm ear that can be connected to a Bluetooth transmitter to allow his audience to hear whatever his third ear can. Interesting, isn’t it?