Famous actor Lilliput has no work, forced to live off his daughter!


Remember Tv actor Lilliput? He is known for his show ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’. In this serial, he appeared in various characters and left a huge impact on the minds of the audience. But, more than an actor, he is a gifted theater actor and scriptwriter even.

It is not just the small screen where the actor left his impact, Liliput has made a huge impact with his appearance in films like Bunty Aur Babli, Aunty No 1, Saagar, Swarg, Shatranj, etc.

But, now the actor is away from the acting for quite some time and is facing a tough time finding work now. So much so, that he is buried under debt and is forced to live off his daughter.

While talking to Mumbai Mirror.com, he told “For the last one year, I have been making the rounds of producers’ offices with two scripts. Some say, ‘Dekhenge, sochenge,’ while others are blunt, ‘Baune uthke chale aate hain director banne.”

“Accha, you can do serious roles also, I thought dwarfs were apt for only comedy,” he recalls on the kind of comments he received from a top star after his performance in  TV series Woh (1998) was applauded.

He also remembered someone joked that his pager was longer than his height, and he couldn’t keep mum this time. “This time, I replied. ‘Kuch logon ki zubaan bhi mujhse lambi hai, ab kya kar sakte hain.’ I think he got the message.”

“When I arrived in Mumbai in December 1975, I was the first dwarf actor here and decided to make a brand of myself. I thought in a big industry like Bollywood a dwarf can find lots of fun roles to play so I christened myself Lilliput and began to audition,” he flashbacks.

Lilliput has worked in the industry for quite some time but, he says, he doesn’t have any friends here. He says his elder daughter is taking care of the family and he has to live off her.

“I see that better roles keep coming his way in Hollywood while India still can’t understand that a dwarf can fall in love, fight, travel and even play mindgames. Here, a dwarf is a lesser human being because of his height. Every day I feel wasted as an artiste and that’s my biggest regret.”