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Famous Celebrities Caught Doing Cheating In Public

We all thinks that, the life of celebrities is really awesome but it’s not like that, Right. Apart from that yes they all are enjoying their lives because it’s really honourable if someone is giving you some extra respect, some extra importance and many more things. Even they don’t like to being touch to land. They like to be in a super hot car, they likes big resorts they like just all luxurious things. But apart from this there are some people who are just waiting for their only single and little mistake and we all known as them MEDIA. It’s quite hard to continue your relationship if you are a celebrity because that you have zero percent security you are not secure because there is someone who is waiting for that. So today we are just telling you about that celebrities who get caught in public during cheating.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Married with Famous Television Journalist Maria Shriver in April 1986. After the long Relationship in 25 years they got divorced in 2011, Schwarzenegger had fathered a son fourteen years earlier with the housemaid, Patricia Baena That’s why they got separated to each other.

Rob Kardashian

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Araldo di Crollalanza/REX/Shutterstock (763652e)
Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon
Fashion Factory Boutique Opening, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, America – 06 May 2008

Rob Start dating Adrienne Bailon in 2007, But after the spreading Rumors he don’t want to more in any kind of relationship then revealed that i am dating Rita Ora.


Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan got married with actor Dennis Quaid in February 1991. And due to unfaithful relationship they got separated in 2001.


Anne Heche

Anne Heche got married with show host Ellen DeGenere in 2000. But due to some rumours they got separated.


Lary King

Lary King got married with king of weddings Southwick. But after sometime southwick cheated her and being in relationships with her younger sister and they got divorced.

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Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke got married with Uma Thurman in May 1998. And after sometime Hawke had cheated on Thurman with his children’s nanny. And they got divorced in 2008.

Jude Law

Jude Law got married with Sienna Miller on Christmas day in 2004. And just because of having an affair with his children’s nanny. They got separated in 2006.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Got married with Nick Lachey in October 2002. But after sometime she hitched up in affair with a musician Adam Levine. Because this, they both got divorced in December 2005.


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Got married in may 2005, and after people spreads the news that she is dating her bodyguard and this rumour took fire and they got divorced in 2007.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez got married in September 2001 with her support dancer chris judd. But due to some rumours they got divorced.

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