When fans made bizarre claims about Bollywood actors!

Being a fan of someone you adore is one thing, but being obsessed about someone is another thing. There’s a thin line between being a fan and being a fanatic. There have been several instances in Bollywood where fans have turned into fanatics and cross the limit.

Let’s take a look at Bollywood actors who faced bizarre claims made by their fans.

1. Aishwarya Rai

Recently, a 29-year-old man from Andhra Pradesh claiming that the actress is his mother. The man, Sangeeth Kumar said that Aishwarya gave birth to him via IVF in 1988 in London and he even claims to have been raised by Aishwarya’s parents – Vrinda and Krishna Rai after being born through IVF. The 29-year-old, however, has no documents to prove his statements. He has held his relatives responsible for the destruction of vital documents.

2. Abhishek Bachchan

In 2007, a model, Jhanvi Kapoor, attempted suicide outside the Bachchans’ residence in Mumbai. She cut her wrists, claiming that she was unable to bear Abhishek’s marriage with actor Aishwarya Rai later in the day. However, she couldn’t produce any proof.

3. Shahid Kapoor

In 2012, the late actor Rajkumar’s daughter, Vastavikta, claimed to be actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife. She follows Shahid wherever he goes. She has been scaling his building wall, sits on the bonnet of his car blocking his way, calls herself his wife. Shahid lodged a complaint against her at the Versova police station for allegedly stalking him.

4. Dhanush

In November last year, the couple, Kathiresan and Meenakshi from Melur, Tamil Nadu had claimed that Dhanush was their biological son who ran away from a hostel when he was in Class 11 and wanted him to pay a monthly maintenance of Rs. 65,000. They also claimed that he had two birth marks which he allegedly removed via suegery. Following this, he was asked by the ciurt to attend the medical examination. Dhanush, on his part, has rejected the couple’s claims. He also submitted his birth certificate, which the couple alleged is a fake one. The actor stated that he was not their son and also that somebody was behind them to extract money from him.

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5. Shah Rukh Khan

In 1996, a woman from Latur, Maharashtra claims that she was the mother of Shah Rukh Khan. She alleged that she had taken him as a child in the 1960s to Mumbai, where she worked as a labourer. She had lost him there, but after all these years recognised him from his film’s poster.

6. Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut also faces bizarre claims. Once, a man name Akash Bhardwaj claimed that Kangna is his girlfriend. He used to write Passionate love letters and text messages to her. However, Kangana did not respond to any one of his letters. Akash was so smitten by Kangna Ranaut that he started believing they were in a relationship.

7. Raveena Tandon

In 2014, a man named Mahaveer Jaspal Pandav claimed that Raveena is his wife. Raveena, who is married to film distributor Anil Thadani, filed a police complaint after he allegedly attacked Anil’s car when the latter was arriving home, and even threw stones at the couple’s house. The police took action against the man, who said he was just trying to ‘protect’ Raveena.

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