Gauahar Khan and Payal Rohatgi got into an ugly Twitter spat over Article 370

Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Gauahar Khan and Payal Rohatgi got into an ugly Twitter spat regarding Article 370, which gives the state of Jammu and Kashmir the status of an autonomous state.

Gauahar Khan and Payal Rohatgi got into an ugly Twitter spat

Payal had tweeted, “If Article 370 can’t be removed then ask #KashmiriMuslims 2 evict Kashmir. Centre should make it #Defence area. Kashmiris start living in other cities of India. Kashmir will always be a part of India whether it has Kashmiris in it or no. U guys threw Pandits out, now evict Muslims.”


Gauahar Khan and Payal Rohatgi got into an ugly Twitter spat

To this, Gauahar replied, saying: “Haha so says a person who is living happily in a building that is 90 per cent Muslims! In an area that has harmony amongst the Koli, Christian and Muslim population who live there. I am proud that at least the Muslims in your building tolerate a bigoted person like you.”

In another tweet, Gauahar mentioned that spreading hatred is easy and India is beautiful because of its diversity. The war of words continued between the two for quite some time with Rohatgi making remarks on Muslim women wearing ‘hijabs.’ She also accused Khan of using victim card to win Bigg Boss.

Calling the “hijab” a statement of dignity, Gauahar replied: “People like you look down upon a woman wearing her hijab to work out! That’s what real feminists are! They build each other up! Not like people who choose to be nice to men and women depending on their faith! I don’t need to run you down, the people of this world are clever.”

Continuing the online spat, Payal wrote: “This is not Kashmir and definitely not 1990 where in the name of forced conversion… you can kill Hindus. Give your communal crap to your Gushal fans Fool.”

Finally, after a series of exchanges, Gauahar blocked Payal on Twitter.

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Next, Payal tagged the Mumbai Police in a tweet and wrote: “After all tagging my tweet to get publicity for herself in her non-existent film career, this reality show feminist blocks me. Mumbai Police, I am bringing into your attention that this woman has tried to call for my lynching because I gave a suggestion on curbing terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.”

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