Himesh Reshammiya’s Music Labels CEO Andy Commits Suicide


The CEO of musician and actor Himesh Reshammiya’s company HR Musik, Andy Singh committed suicide late Saturday. The 46-year-old was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his bedroom.


According to the Oshiwara police, Singh was living with his mother and girlfriend in the flat since he separated from his wife.  The two have not applied for divorce as they have a 9-year-old daughter. His mother has not come to terms with the separation and would often have verbal tiffs with Singh regarding the issue. Cops said Singh was drinking with his girlfriend before he killed himself while his mother was in the other room with his daughter. Then, he had a heated exchange with his mother, who was taunting him. Singh went to his bedroom twice during the tiff.

His girlfriend and mother knocked on the door multiple times. But he didn’t respond. Then, they tried calling his mobile phone, but it was switched off. Then they broke open the door and found him hanging from the ceiling fan.

As per police statements of his mother and girlfriend, Singh had been depressed. His girlfriend told them that two days ago, Singh was talking about ending his life as he was frustrated with his mother. “We will take down the statements of people who Singh had met since he began to feel suicidal and his former wife and other relatives too,” said a cop.