Inder Kumar’s daughter celebrates her 13th birthday despite the death of her father


Bollywood actor Inder Kumar, who starred in Salman Khan’s film ‘Wanted’, passed away on Friday, July 28 due to a massive heart attack. He was 44 years old.

Inder Kumar’s ex-wife, Sonal Kariya, has shared some photos on Facebook, in which her daughter is celebrating her birthday. This celebration was done on July 29, exactly a day after the death of the actor on July 28.

Khushi is a daughter of Inder and Sonal. In such a situation, it is strange to celebrate daughter’s birthday immediately after the death of her father.

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When called Sonal Kariya’s father Raju Karia and wanted to know when Khushi’s birthday was celebrated, so he said that Khushi’s birthday was celebrated on July 28 at 11 a.m. after this they came to know about Inder’s death.

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But, Sonal himself wrote ‘Happy Birthday Khushi’ while sharing a photo on July 29 on Facebook. It seems like Raju gave false statement.

Inder kumar's ex wife sonal

However, some time after all photos of Khushi’s birthday celebration were removed from Sonal’s Facebook account.

 Inder Kumar’s first wife Sonal Kariya, now Sonal Padiya, who is happily settled in her second marriage, reveals why she parted ways with Inder Kumar.

Inder Kumar and Isha Koppikar

In an interview with Spotboye, Sonal revealed the reason behind her marriage falling apart. “He couldn’t forget Isha Koppikar. I think it was a case of ‘first love cannot be forgotten’. At times, he used to tell me that he is going to meet her. I even told him to get her home sometimes, but he did not.”

Sonal also said how she felt he was in touch with Isha even after their divorce, “I think he was in touch with her even after we divorced each other. He wouldn’t show it too much and he didn’t tell me either – but I could sense that he couldn’t shake off Isha from his mind. Maine shaadi ke time bhi suna tha that he hasn’t forgotten Isha but I ignored that hearsay.”

When asked if Inder Kumar was in touch with his daughter, Sonal revealed, Not at all. I had moved out from his life when I was pregnant. I informed him that he has become a father to a girl but he was least interested, he didn’t even respond to that message.”

Inder Kumar's first wife Sonal Kariya

Sonal, who thinks Inder and her were not destined to remain together, says she is in touch with his current wife Pallavi Sarraf only on social media and that she is too nice as a person.

Sonal Padiya says, Well, we are friends on Facebook if that’s what you call ‘in touch’. Whenever I post Khushi’s pictures, she always ‘likes’ them. She seems to be a nice lady. At the end of it all, I would still say that Inder too was nice. I guess, we were just not destined to remain together. Jo ho gaya so ho gaya. I am definitely sad that Inder is no more. May his soul rest in peace.”

Inder Kumar was one of the promising talents but due to some accident, he was asked to bed rest for three years after which his career took a jolt.

After their divorce, Sonal married Deepesh, and she is now mother to another daughter. Khushi, her daughter from Inder, too stays with her. Inder Kumar tied the knot with Pallavi Sarraf after parting ways with Sonal.