Kajol’s Instagram post embarrasses daughter Nysa!


Kajol is now one of the most active B-Towners on Instagram. Kajol’s Instagram page is full of pictures of Kajol and her teenage daughter, Nysa and we love the totally chill, playful mother-daughter bond they share.

Kajol's Instagram post embarrasses daughter Nysa! 1

But Kajol can sometimes be quite the sassy mom on Instagram, and Nysa is not impressed.

Recently, Kajol shared a picture of herself with a series of cute expressions, with the caption, “when I see my babies together”, and tagged Nysa’s account.

when I see my babies together @nysaadevgan

A photo posted by Kajol Devgan (@kajol) on

After seeing this photo, Nysa got embarrassed and wrote  “mommmmm why do u have to be so extra”.

Kajol's Instagram post embarrasses daughter Nysa! 2

Well, this is not the first time that Nysa has been embarrassed by her mother’s posts. A few days earlier, kajol had shared a throwback to Diwali photo, and like every self-conscious teenager, Nysa was not happy with her appearance in the photo.

Well, it is being said that it was Nysa who convinced Kajol to join social Instagram.


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