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Kangana Ranaut finally reacts on Ketan Mehta’s legal notice!

Recently, bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut lands into a legal trouble as Filmmaker Ketan Mehta has sent a legal notice to the Queen star for “hijacking” one of his most ambitious film projects, Rani of Jhansi: The Warrior Queen.

The maker also accused that Kangana took away 10 years of research from him unethically and shared it with her new team that is led by director Kamal Jain.

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After all these allegations, Kangana finally breaks her silence on the matter. Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Kangy said, “There is no similarity in the story and screenplay of Mr Mehta and the story and screenplay of my producer Kamal Jain. He is free to make the film, as is anyone else, based on a revered historical figure, Rani Lakshmi Bai..” Well, seems like Kangana is unaffected by the allegations made on her and is positive about continuing the film with her new team itself! Kangana also further added, ” Our lawyers have sent an interim response to Mr Mehta’s lawyers. There are no contracts or agreements signed with Mr Mehta.”

On the other hand, the Simran  actress also revealed an interesting role that she will be donning in herb directorial debut. She revealed that she will be playing an 80 year old woman in her film ‘Teju’. She added, ” She is a warm, vibrant woman, full of life, who doesn’t feel old at all.These are questions that all of us ask ourselves and each other from time to time. We will explore them in a light-hearted manner in my film dappled with the sunshine of Teju’s personality.”


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