Kerala Woman Takes Revenge For Being Bullied By Making The Man Pay 25,000 To Charity


Cyber-bullying and molestation cases are nothing new, especially in our country. But how many times does a woman need to turn blind and deaf to such abuses? Despite laws created to safeguard against these crimes, some anti-social elements and evil minds tend to linger on and enjoy their self-proclaimed chauvinism. However, in a recent case of cyber-bullying, the miscreant was taught a sound lesson by the woman who was being termed as a “super item” on Whatsapp.

This incident happened in Kerala with Sreelakshmi Satheesh, a motivational speaker and a CEO of an educational setup. The woman took to her Facebook later to share her angst and unexpectedly became a hero overnight. Here’s what happened….

The Series of Filthy Calls and Texts

Sreelakshmi was going around with her normal routine when she started getting calls asking her rate. Questions like “when can I meet you?”, “Shall I book a room?”, “What is your rate”? were thrown at her, which obviously irked her. She decided not to answer the calls when similar texts started inundating her phone.

Her Reaction

The woman haplessly resorted to switching off her phone to avoid these disturbing messages and calls. However, after an hour of patience and thinking, she called back on one of the numbers. The voice on the other side was ecstatic but soon turned into a petrified tone when Sreelakshmi asserted her profile.